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Bicycle Reconditioning

Got an old bike sitting in your garage, basement, shed or barn? Bring it back to its former glory and get it back on the road or trail. Freewheel Cycles offers a bicycle reconditioning service to bring you old or neglected bike back to life.

Our reconditioning service brings your bike to like-new mechanical condition and appearance! Our experts rebuild original components or use newer components and revitalize your bike’s overall look, applying the in-depth 4-step process below to take years off your bike’s appearance and overall mechanical condition.

1. A comprehensive assessment determines the merit of undergoing the significant labor and parts work for your own bicycle.
2. We inspect your bicycle frame, using non-destructive techniques based on the materials your frame is made of, enabling us to evaluate the damage and integrity of the frame.
3. Product recovery may include reuse, repair, refurbish or replacement of component which can result in a loss of original product identity.
4. Restoration of the original paint is the final step. Micro-abrasion technology correction compound is used to remove moderate defects quickly, scratches and stains, leveling the paint with a high gloss.

Contact us or bring your bike in for a free reconditioning estimate.  Check out couple of our reconditioning projects for examples of our work – 85-87 Bianchi SX Sport Bicycle & Raleigh Technium Bicycle