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The following reconditioning was used on an 85-87 Bianchi SX Sport bicycle.

The following photos 617, 618, 619, 621, and 623 display the original condition of the bicycle.

We began by removing all the components. This process can get worrisome especially with older bikes that rusted or cold seized. Parts can get stuck. If a component is immovable, we use Kroil creeping oil with the ability to penetrate immeasurable small spaces to loosen parts that are bonded by oxidation. This product also works well with components that are over compressed which is usually the case or is responsible for the difficulty in removal of parts. Patience and determination are essential attributes for this process, so components aren’t damaged beyond use.

Once all components were removed, the frame was inspected for cracks, dents misalignment, thread engagement areas and the general cosmetics of the frame. When we determine the authenticity of components, how much the customer will spend will depend on upon whether he is a purist for original or brand parts or whether he feels we can compromise on certain areas of the project, deciding which parts must be a brand name or original. This helped to determine the budget of the project.

The frame wash was next. We used a soap that has a high long lasting lather and a microfiber wash mitt which aids in the removal of dirt and grime that is gentle on the paint surface. The frame was then dried with a microfiber towel.

Paint prep was next to remove or de-wax the frame to maximize the effectiveness of the paint cleaning clay bar. The job of the clay was to remove embedded contaminants that were still stuck on the paint. Clay is used for the removal of the roughness you can feel with your fingertips. After claying the surface, it was evaluated for defects to determine if the next step is polishing or waxing.

When polishing is necessary, we use a polish product with sub-micron aluminum oxide abrasives to gently remove mild, hairline imperfections, further smoothing the surface, and preparing the paint for waxing.

Lastly, the benchmark for adding color, depth, and clarity to your paint is the waxing process. Finding a wax that has a high carnauba content that is easy to spread and remove will add that that flawless look. This will bring about new digs for your bike’s appearance.