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A quick assessment exemplifies the Raleigh Technium of one method of manufacturing technology that was innovative during the 80’s. The bicycle frame has swaged tubes and bonded with industrial adhesives, somewhat of tinker toys i.e. a frame tube would be inserted into a socket [lug] then an adhesive would be injected through a porthole or applied into the affected bonding area.

Strengths: The bicycle was in fairly good condition mechanically, structurally and aesthetical. It was not bastardized, ninety-nine [99%] originally except for the tires.

Weakness: Paint was dull and lackluster, components were somewhat oxidized, and all bearing points needed to be serviced, accumulated dirt and cable/housing replacement.

Action required: At this point, customer and Freewheel Cycles agreed going forward with the recondition process. [View our website for information and other bikes that have gone through this process]

The process commenced with the removal of all components, then check for functionality. First in order was to confirm bearings and bearing surfaces. Hubs, bottom bracket, and headset bearings inspected, cleaned, and ball bearings replaced with grade 25 balls, also removed the retainers. By removing the retainers, you can place more ball bearings and increase rolling surface area the action is a smoother rotation, and the grade 25 balls have a longer longevity.

Next up were the swing items, seat post, handlebars, stem, cranks, pedals, brakes, and front and rear derailleurs got a concentrated effort of degreasing cleaning, polishing and lubricating all rotational locations.

The frame went through the sequential steps to restore the paint and luster. The bicycle was initially washed. Next, it was de-waxed to remove dirt and residual silicones from the paint. Followed up with a cleaning clay bar.

Polishing gently further smoothing the surface and preparing the paint for waxing; the final step was to apply a thin layer of wax and let it set up for thirty [30] minutes. We then use a proper wax removal cloth and buff out the wax. At this point the enjoyment and beauty of the original paint with its high gloss and luster were amazing.