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Ahhhhh. Bike riding is back on us.


We’ve been quiet over the past few months – skiing and work were getting in the way.  But, we’re back and ready to pedal.

Velo Orange Polyvalent

The bare bones of a super bike.


One of the cool things we were working on over the winter is this new Velo Orange Polyvalent.

There have been a bunch of incredible builds built up by VO and a number of other shops and people around the country.  But, once Garabed started building Freewheel Cycles’ Polyvalent, in his classic style, he started to see all kinds of possibilities for total customization. You’d expect any bike Garabed builds to be totally tricked out with details you haven’t even thought of yet.  So, when it came to this sweet ride, it’s safe to say he saw some possibilities to tweak this.  This is 100% Garabed Freewheel styling.

The impressive customizations make this the ultimate touring bike – and cross-functional, and comfortable enough to be used as the ideal commuter.  Yeah, this thing has a full set of custom Bush&Muller head lights and tail lights dynamo powered by the spinning wheels.  Each has a small capacitor, keeping the lights lit even when you’re stuck at a stop sign or waiting in traffic.  It’s got the total Velo Orange rack and bag kit.  It’s got the Kleen Kanteen water bottle, terra cotta walled tires, leather wrapped spring seat, Velo Orange Dia Comp components.

While all of these superficial details make the bike look complete and fully detailed, the supremely impressive work is in the custom cable routings for the lights and the most spectacular customization: an Alfine 8 speed internal hub laced to VO rim.  After looking around at all the other builds, Garabed wasn’t seeing the one thing that he thought would make the Polyvalent an easier to ride, more ideal bike for commuters and tourers.  The internal hub makes the ride smooth, and simple, without the hassle of a rear cass

Velo Orange Drive Train

ette and deraileur. The entire drive train is simple and smooth to ensure the ride is seamless.

Take a look at the pictures and the spec chart, and let us know what you think.

Velo Orange

Complete 8Speed Velo Orange Polyvalent

Garabed's Dream Machine - 8Speed

Garabed’s Dream Machine – 8S




FRAME / FORK                   polyvalent

HEADSET                              grand cru mirror finish

STEM                                      vo threadless +/- 6

H/S ADPT                             vo threadless stem adpt

HANDLE BAR                     vo Milan handlebar

GRIPS                                     vo cork grips

BRK LEVERS                       vo city brake levers

BRAKES                                 grand cru canti

CRANKSET                          MK1 grand cru single / 44 RING

BB                                              vo bottom bracket

SEAT POST                          vo grand cru

SADDLE                                  vo model 5

FRT BRK HANGER           vo clamp on

REAR BRK HANGER       nitto cable hanger

FRT WHEEL                        grand cru 650 wheel

REAR WHEEL                     Alfine 8 spd laced to vo rim

CHAIN GUARD                   vo alloy chaingaurd

FRT RACK                            vo constructeur

R RACK                                  vo constructeur

TYRES / PAIR                    soma xpress terra cotta

DYNMO                                 bush & muller dymotec 6

FRT LIGHT                          bush & muller lumotec lyt

R LIGHT                                bush & muller 4d lite plus


FENDERS                              vo zeppelin 52mm

WATER CAGE/ PAIR     vo retro cage

SHIFTER FOR HUB         shimano 8 spd shft

D/T COVERS                       problem solver

BELL                                        brass stricker

CENTER STAND              vo copenhagen dual leg

R MUD FLAP                      rivendell sackville

SEAT BAG                           rivendell sackville xsmall saddle bag

KLEAN KANTEEN          klean kanteen reflect