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Thank you!

As we round the corner to the fall, we’re looking back on the two years of serving this incredible bike community in Nashua, and the surrounding area.

It’s been an incredible ride, so far. And, as far as we’re concerned, things are just getting started.

When we started, our goal was to set up a local bike shop for Nashua that changed the perception of how bike shops are run with a dedication to keep our customers out riding their bikes, happy, safe, and having fun.  We knew then, just as we do now, that in order to serve our bike community we would have to do more than just say so!  By applying our years of experience as bike mechanics, racers, project management professionals, and bicycle fanatics, we’ve achieved our goal.

It’s amazing how applying some of our outside knowledge has helped us achieve great compliments in our quick turn-around times, attention to detail, and the overall attentiveness to what our customers need and want.

As much as we love all the compliments, and they reflect the commitment we made to changing the local bike shop experience, it is inconsequential to the commitment our customers have made to us.  From the guys and gals who stop in for a new tube on their way home from work, a wheel truing, or a quick adjustment to the rider needing an overhaul, or even you guys out there who need a full race tune or build-up for the next series, we truly appreciate everything you have done to keep us focused and working hard to keep our commitment.

We’ve been so thrilled with the welcome you all have given us in just a year and a half.  As the fall makes its way around, we are looking forward to helping you with your cycling needs.

Keep your eyes open for new deals, updates, and events we’ll  be hosting this year.