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The late, great Lou Reed wrote a song in his reformed years called, “New Sensations” – check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bxn_B_2XWMs

Not that Lou was the embodiment of health and bike riding, but there’s something about this song that resonates – maybe the allusion to getting out and riding on the open road.

It’s hard to imagine getting out and riding right now – when it’s 12 degrees at 7:00am and you’re stoking the wood stove for some precious heat on March 24.  But, a Spring thaw will be coming to New England! It has to be.

With the anticipation of a long, warm Spring, and the expansion of our Velo Orange touring bikes, we thought we’d help facilitate your bike tours and camping adventures by offering some of the coolest, most exciting, useful camping supplies we’ve ever come across: Vargo Titanium stoves, mugs, pots, water bottles, and tools.

This stuff is AMAZING.  The lightweight and strength of titanium, coupled with the exceptional build quality make this stuff perfect for your next adventure and new sensations.

Come into the shop for a demo, and see for yourself how well Vargo stoves work, and how easy they are to use.