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No doubt we live in the strangest, and most likely, worst weather area of the country.  It’s not a complaint.  It’s a fact.  Jesus, we even have developed new names for weather events.

Let’s face it, two weeks ago we had moderately warm days, cool nights – ideal Fall days in New Hampshire.  Then, work was shut down on the 29th and 30th because of the looming threat of super-storm Sandy. Unfortunately that storm devastated our friends and neighbors to the South.  However, we just had to wade through some rain and pick up some sticks.  I mean, yeah, the trails got pretty messed up, but, we dodged a bullet compared to last year’s “snowicane.” In any event, our freaky weather aside, our brief Indian Summer was a welcome reprieve from Wednesday’s Nor’Easter and the crap weather on its way to town.

Shaun rockin the 2013 Kona Satori

Shaun killin’ it on the new Kona Satori

Jay Oliviera Riding his Single Speed

Dr. Jay Taking it Home on his Single Speed

With day light fading fast, our ride window was shrinking, especially with all the yard work on our plates.  But, for 3 short hours, we got to ride our worries about yard work, crappy weather, and a pending (hopefully BIG if you’re a skier) winter.  After rallying the troops, we loaded up the truck and shot over to Grater Road for a quick ride.  Expecting the trails to be littered with branches and limbs, like last weekend, we started out from the parking spot, and muscled through some leaves and a bit of junk.  Then, we got onto the single track, and it was UNREAL!  Maybe the best condition I’ve seen the local trails, maybe all year.  The dirt was perfect, some of the locals had put in loads of work, and the track was just right.  It was, no joke, the type of riding you dream about.  Perfect cool-ish temps, low humidity, and perfect sunlight. Man, one of the greatest rides I’ve been on in a while.

Check out the pics.

We hope you all got out. Now’s the time to get in some last minute rides, and take care of some of the trails – if that’s your thing.  If you’re riding road – you’ve got it made.