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Well, I guess it’s fall in New Hampshire.  That means hours of yard work, cooler temps, KILLER riding, and hunting season.

I think about it all the time when I’m out riding this time of year.  But today, more than ever, it rang true.  Changing a flat out in the woods, we were listening to gun shots ringing out around us.  I guess it’s been bow season since late September, but they’re out in full force now – guns, cammo, buckets of ammo.

My friend said it best, better to wear a silly orange vest than get a bullet or arrow in the chest.

It’s true, but, what about the times when you forget to put on the orange?

The temptation to ride is, as always, high. However, we have to remember that more than ever, we are sharing the woods, trails, and the road with all kinds of people who don’t have our, cyclists, best interests at heart.

Stay safe!

Coming up this week – the first Ritchey Logic road frame on the East Coast: http://www.ritcheylogic.com/dyn_prodfamily.php?k=600491

We sold our P29, but keep an eye out for an update.