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Bike Maintenance Programs

You take your car in for a scheduled maintenance service every 3500 – 5000 miles to keep it in good working order.  Why not do the same for your bicycle?  Car manufacturers include service requirements as part of the warranty agreement for a good reason – it lessens the chances that the vehicle will break down and allows them to fix small issues before they become big issues. Your bike is no different.

We keep your maintenance on track by scheduling your next three services at a 20% savings. You don’t have to think about when to bring your bicycle in – we’ll remind you with an email.

Spend more time riding your bike rather than waiting for it to be fixed. With an active service plan, your bike will be in top running order throughout the year.

Our bike maintenance three packs require an initial service (not included in the three-pack price) to ensure the bike is in good working order before scheduling the three-pack services.