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But, these are some of the coolest damn bikes we’ve come across.
Garabed shows off new Velo Orange
Velo-Orange makes these incredible bikes in the tradition of the old European touring bikes.  The geometry is comfy, and made to be ridden for long hauls and big trips, or just for cruising around town and commuting to work or the store. One of the coolest things is that the bikes are totally customizable with bolt-on parts so you can make the exact type of bike you want. We’re talking fenders, kickstands, panniers, bags, baskets, saddles, grips, cranks, pedals. We even have light kits that are charged by the rotation of the wheels – this is the type of bike you used to see in old movies.

This company, Velo-Orange, is awesome.  They are filling a really special and unique aspect of the bicycle world, one that definitely brings the simplicity and romantacism back to bicycles and cycling.

Steel is real, and these guys have it dialed. When you get on one of these, you notice how solid and responsive the entire bike feels.  As much as we love the new bikes, super light compounds, carbon, alloys, suspension, all that, there’s something to be said for a bike like this – its only use and purpose is to make people happy.

Chris at Velo-Orange is working hard to keep this style and idea alive and well. He is re-manufacturing original European parts, and finding ways to get original European parts, like Dia-Compe, to Velo-Orange riders for reasonable prices. We’ve got a bunch in the store, and really are pumped to able to offer these classic rides.  Come on down and check one out next time you’re in downtown Nashua.  They’re even more impressive in person.

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